Gully Cleaning

Ensure your roads are flood free, 
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Keeping the highways moving

A road gully system is designed to facilitate the flow of flood and rain water away from road surfaces ensuring the safety of all road users. Torrential rain and unexpected downpours can quickly overwhelm these systems, especially if they are blocked. Our gully cleaning service ensures that your gully system remains free of any debris that could cause hazardous blockages, and our fleet of jet and vacuum tankers means we are able to quickly and effectively remove any troublesome blockages.

In addition to posing a severe hazard to drivers and other road users, undrained surfacewater could cause structural damage to property. We provide both planned regular gully emptying and inspection, as well as reactive services in the event of blockages, all designed to ensure your gully systems are in the best possible condition. With our CCTV inspections we help to further reduce your costs by identifying any issues without the need for expensive excavations.
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