Concrete/Root Cutting

Let us take care of problem roots, 
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Ensuring a clear and free-flowing drainage system

Trees and other plants can cause havoc with drainage and sewerage systems due to penetration by their roots. This could lead to issues such as blocked or leaking drains, leaving you with unsightly and potentially hazardous leaks, not to mention the headache of an expensive clean up.

Our root cutting service is designed to prevent just that, saving you from the heartache of floods of sewage and significantly reducing the cost of subsequent clean ups and repairs.

We use the very latest in CCTV survey technology to asses the situation and show you the extent of any infiltration, and the resulting damage, so you can see exactly what needs doing and where. And as licensed waste carriers we'll take care of anything we remove so you don't have to.

Concrete cutting and removal

Over time concrete and other debris can build up in drainage systems causing blockage. Our experienced team will clear away any build up of concrete, rubble or cement wash and dispose of it all for you. On removal of any debris we'll carry out a full inspection and carry out any remedial work necessary to ensure your drainage system is as good as new.
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