Interceptor Waste Services

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Ensuring a safer and cleaner environment

Interceptors are used on many sites where contaminants in waste water need to be removed before the water is allowed to flow into the sewerage or drainage system. These pollutants can include petrol, diesel or used oil from garages and service stations, grease and oil from restaurant grease traps and manufacturing plants, other liquid wastes as wellas heavy metals. Interceptors therefore need to be emptied and cleaned regularly to prevent any of these contaminants from entering drainage systems and potentially causing blockages and damage to the environment.

Here at Siddell Environmental Services Ltd we'll regularly empty and clean your
interceptor system, disposing of any waste in accordance with all waste disposal regulations, ensuring you fulfil any legal obligations incumbent on you. We can carry out a full inspection of the system, repair any damage or undertake preventative maintenanceas and when required. This will ensure your system works at peak efficiency minimising the risk of potentially hazardous leaks and spills.
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