Pumping Stations

Keep your pumping station flowing,
call 01554 778 486 or

Pump failed? Our emergency repair team is
waiting for your call

If a pumping station breaks down the consequences could be unpleasant flooding as well as environmental pollution. This could lead to a costly clean up as well as damage to your equipment and infrastructure. We provide a 24/7 emergency repair service designed to prevent this, saving you time and money in the event of a breakdown. And our waste
disposal service means we'll take care of any spills for you.

We provide regular maintenance that'll ensure your sewerage pumping stations or water pumps remain in the best possible condition, reducing the likelihood of those unexpected breakdowns, further reducing operating costs.
We are accredited with CHAS and SMAS, and registered waste carriers licensed by the by Natural Resources Wales.
Registration Number: CB/LM3189EA/R003
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